Orlando Podiatrist Tips on Caring For a Broken Pinky Toe

If you are reading this post, there’s a good chance you either know your pinky toe is broken or you suspect it might be. Here is how our Orlando podiatrist can help your broken pinky toe.

A broken pinky toe can make daily activities seem impossible. The first step in healing your toe is to confirm your broken pinky with an Orlando podiatrist, but in the meantime here are some tips on caring for an injured pinky toe until you can make an appointment at our offices.

Broken pinky toes can be a significant nuisance. They make it hard to do everyday things like exercise and walk. Pinky toe fractures are usually caused by long-term stress placed on the bone or sudden accidents like stubbing your toe on a desk.

Ice The Pinky Toe

The first thing you should do is ice your pinky toe. Placing ice on your pinky toe reduces the swelling in the affected area, which in turn reduces the throbbing pain typical of a broken pinky. Icing your toe for 15 minutes every couple of hours during the first few days will significantly help in pain management while you are caring for your toe on your own.

Buddy Taping

Buddy taping your toe is also another pain management tip that can help you in keeping your toe as pain-free as possible. To do this quickly,  take sterile gauze and put it between your broken toe and the toe directly next to it. Buddy taping prevents excessive friction between the toes. Next, you’re going to want to take the surgical tape and loosely tape the toes together. Taping your toes too tightly can slow down the healing process.

Elevate The Foot

Elevating the foot is another essential step in your broken pinky toe’s healing process. Keeping your foot at an elevated level above your heart will prevent blood from pooling in the injury, which decreases swelling and pain.

Stay Off The Foot

Making sure to stay off the broken pinky toe is crucial. Overdoing it when walking around can only make the fracture worse. Avoid exercise and long walks entirely until the toe is healed and back to its normal function. If the fracture is severe or you are forced to walk, invest in crutches to make walking more comfortable and less painful.

Even though pinky toe fractures are incredibly inconvenient, these tips should help you heal your pinky toe at home until you can get it checked out by one of our Orlando podiatrist specialists.