How Your Eustis Podiatrist Can Help Treat Your Diabetic Foot

A diabetic foot is a serious matter that should be treated by your Eustis podiatrist.

Having diabetes is a serious medical condition that comes with complications, such as nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor circulation. Here is a list of symptoms and proactive measures from your Eustis podiatrist to help keep your feet healthy and happy!


Ulcers That Don’t Heal

An ulcer is an infection that can go down to the bone. Because of the neuropathy, you may not always feel them so it is important that you see your Eustis podiatrist have your feet checked regularly.

Corns And Calluses

Neuropathy can cause you to go numb to the feeling of pressure brought on by shoes that are too tight. It is important to get them checked before they develop into ulcers.

Dry, Cracked Skin

The combination of poor circulation and neuropathy can cause your skin to dry out and crack leading to infection.

Nail Disorders

Ingrown toenails and fungal infections can go unnoticed because of neuropathy. If they are not properly treated by your Eustis podiatrist nail disorders can become a serious complication.

Hammertoes And Bunions

Because of nerve damage, your muscles weaken resulting in hammertoes and bunions. If not treated properly, these two deformities can lead to ulcers.

Charcot Foot

Charcot foot develops as a result of the loss of feeling a broken bone. The neuropathy causes you to not feel the pain and patients will continue to walk on the broken bone, making it worse. This disabling condition is so severe that surgery is necessary and occasionally amputation.

Proactive Measures:

Inspect Your Feet Daily

Look for cuts and scrapes, redness and swelling, drainage, bad odor, rash, discoloration, loss of hair on toes, injuries, or nail changes.

Sign Of Fracture

If your foot is swollen, red, hot, or has changed in size, shape, or direction, see your foot and ankle surgeon immediately.

Nail Cutting

If you have nail problems, it is best to have your Eustis podiatrist trim your nails to ensure proper care.

Don’t Ignore The Leg Pain

Pain that occurs when there is little to no movement means that you could have a blocked artery and need to seek care immediately.

No “Bathroom Surgery”

Don’t trim calluses or corns yourself and never use the over the counter pads.

Don’t Go Barefoot

There could be sharp objects on the floor and you should always be wearing shoes with the proper support.

Have Your Circulation And Feeling Tested

Your Eustis podiatrist can do this for you.

You should never overlook the signs that your body is giving you. It may be more difficult when you have diabetes because of the neuropathy and poor circulation. Your Eustis podiatrist is the best resource you have to keep your feet moving!