5 Tricks To Avoid Blisters From Your Sorrento Podiatrist

Dealing with blisters on your foot is a pain, but it happens to most of us who wear closed shoes. But not for long! Your Sorrento podiatrist is here to share five easy tricks to help avoid blisters all year long.

Having blisters is one of the most common foot issues people face. They can happen to anyone for many reasons. Blisters can be painful enough to impair you from accomplishing your day-to-day activities. If left unattended, blisters can become infected and turn into a more serious issue. If you follow these five easy tips recommended by your Sorrento podiatrist, you can avoid blisters altogether.

Keep Your Feet Dry

After doing any activities involving water, make sure your feet are completely dry before putting on shoes or socks. Even after stepping in a small puddle it’s essential to ensure your feet are kept fully dry. This tip alone can go a long way in helping keep your feet blister free.

Choose The Right Size

When purchasing new shoes, make sure to pick a shoe size that fits your foot correctly. Selecting a shoe that is too large or too small can cause unnecessary friction irritating your foot. This friction alone can lead to multiple blisters. It’s important to try on various shoe sizes and pick the one that fits properly instead of going with your usual size and risking problems later.

Try On Shoes Later In The Day

Believe it or not, your feet enlarge throughout the day. Your feet will naturally swell as the day progresses. If you’re shopping for shoes, make sure to try them on later in the day to ensure you get the most comfortable fit even when your feet are more inflamed.

Break In Your Shoes

After purchasing new shoes, take the time to break them in before wearing them for an entire day. Wearing new shoes fresh out of the box for more than two hours will almost always guarantee foot blisters. It’s best to start by wearing them for a few hours at a time until the shoe molds to your exact foot shape.

Use Petroleum Jelly To Lubricate

If you have a particular spot on your foot that continually develops blisters, you may want to think of applying lubrication. Petroleum jelly is one of the most common and affordable oils you can use to help soothe current and prevent future blisters.

If you are still feeling concerned about your blister or suspect your blister may be infected, our Sorrento podiatrist and their team can take care of your feet and make sure your blister issues are squared away.