How Our Mount Dora Podiatry Can Treat Your Heel And Arch Pain

Our Mount Dora podiatry offices are giving you advice and tips on heel and arch pain and simple things you can do to help treat it!

People don’t often worry too much about their feet until they hurt. When it does hurt, you want immediate relief. Before you can receive the proper treatment, you need to know the problem. Where is your pain located? Heel and arch pain are the most common pains we receive from clients and today we are sharing a few tips and remedies on how you can alleviate your pain and how our Mount Dora podiatry can help.


If your pain is on your heel, you may have an irritation within the tissue connecting the bone to the toes called plantar fasciitis. It usually hurts most in the morning when your feet touch the floor. Even runners may get plantar fasciitis when they increase the workout mileage without proper training. Shoes that are not supportive or are not replaced often can irritate. Make sure to rest your foot as much as possible and do heel and muscle stretches. Wearing shoes with good arch support and that is cushioned will be a great reliever.


Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis could be the reason behind your heel pain. Heel spurs are abnormal growths of bone on the bottom of your heel. You can get this from wearing the wrong shoes or from an abnormal posture or activities like running. To relieve the pain, you can wear a cutout heel pad, custom inserts, or wearing shoes that fit well.


Our Mount Dora podiatry can accurately diagnose your heel and arch pain and we’ll be able to discuss treatment strategies. We may recommend or prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to decrease the pain and inflammation.


An orthotic arch support molded to fit your foot may be part of your treatment. If you have flat feet or have high arches, this can be most helpful. If the pain is not relieved, we may recommend physical therapy. The primary goal of physical therapy is to stretch your plantar fascia and give strength to the lower leg muscles.

Heel and arch pain is something that can be treated and prevented as long as you are careful with the amount of strain you put on your feet. If you are experiencing heel and arch pain book an appointment online!

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