Why You Should Treat An Ankle Sprain Quickly With An Apopka Podiatrist

Ankle sprains are a serious matter that should be taken care of as soon as the injury occurs. Today we’re sharing why you should treat an ankle sprain quickly with an Apopka podiatrist.

Have you ever seen someone experience a sprained ankle or believed to have sprained their ankle but act like it was not a big deal? Ankle injuries should never be taken lightly and are often mistreated or not treated at all. Today we’re sharing why you should treat an ankle sprain quickly with an Apopka podiatrist.

Ankle sprains are most common among athletes and when not taken seriously can lead to bigger issues with the foot. When a situation like that arises the person stands up and fights through it and continues to walk as if nothing happened. By doing so it can lead to chronic ankle instability, weakness in the legs and even a possible bone fracture.

There are many things you can do to treat an ankle sprain but the first thing you should do is visit your Apopka podiatrist. Based on your visit, they are able to tell you if it’s something that needs surgery or if rest is what you need for recovery. The severity of the issue will determine if surgery is needed. A way to avoid a sprain is by getting your ankle checked out as soon as possible. Staying off the injured ankle can help reduce further injury and getting lots of rest will help it heal as well.

A few home remedies that your Apopka podiatrist will recommend that will help the sprain include:

Visiting your Apopka podiatrist as soon as the injury occurs will help you not only diagnose the severity of the sprain but it can help reduce any further injury. Our initial reaction is to walk off the pain but that can cause more damage after. A way you can boost ankle strength is to wrap a resistance band or towel under the ball of the foot and hold the ends of the band tightly. Move the foot in every direction up, down, left and right. Do this exercise at least two to three times a day and your ankle strength will gradually get stronger after.

Whether it is a minor fracture or if surgery is necessary to call your local Apopka podiatrist immediately. Your ankle needs to be able to heal properly and function as it should in order for you to remain happy and healthy.

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