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SUDOSCAN is a test that provides an accurate evaluation of sweat gland function, which can reflect the health of the small nerve fibers. This is a simple, non-invasive, fast, and much more accurate way to diagnose patients, including early detection of diabetes for people experiencing numbness or tingling. Early detection has the potential to reduce or delay complications.  



PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a noninvasive and nonsurgical option for treating chronic pain. To produce PRP, blood is drawn and placed into a centrifuge which separates the plasma from the rest of your blood. This plasma is then injected into the afflicted area. This procedure takes very little time, ranging from 45 to 90 minutes; and since this is not invasive, most patients can continue their daily routines, uninterrupted. PRP can treat chronic joint pain such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff injuries, ligament tears, and osteoarthritis.



PADnet Testing Device is a non-invasive and easy to use system for collaborative arterial and venous testing with an efficient way to interpret data in a short amount of time. It assists with detecting diseases earlier, as well as accurate risk assessment for a variety of diseases and wound healing potential.



AmnioFix® Injectable is an amniotic membrane graft supplied in a powdered form that can easily be injected in problem areas. AmnioFix® Injectable can reduce inflammation, the formation of scar tissue, and enhances healing of soft tissue. AmnioFix® can treat common injuries such as knee pain, tennis elbow, and Achilles tendon issues.

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