1. Who needs to see a podiatrist?

All persons diagnosed with Diabetes, anyone who has foot pain, and children with flat feet.

2. How often should you see a podiatrist?

If you're diabetic, annually. Semi-annually or quarterly if also diagnosed with neuropathy, circulation problems, ulcers or foot deformity.

3. Do you accept insurance?

We accept most insurances

4. When are you open?


5. Do you treat ankle problems too?

Yes, we treat all problems below the knee from the skin to the bone.

6. What can I do for achy feet?

Sometimes Epsom soaks with warm water, stretching and exercise to the hamstrings and Achilles, foot massages, or a doctor's appointment

7. What can I do for bunions?

Start conservative first. Get x-rays so a doctor can evaluate the extent of the deformity. They are progressive deformities and can worsen over time, they are also accelerated with activity and shoegear. Stretching, spacers, splints, wider shoes do help.

8. Where are you located?

In Mt. Dora

9. Do you treat everyone or just the elderly?

We treat everyone. Pediatrics, sports medicine, athletes, pregnant females, patients with deformities, fractures, trauma, diabetes, wound care, and geriatrics.

10. Why are you different than any other podiatrist

I am Well-trained with a fellowship. I am also Board certified in foot surgery and wound care. I Recently received certification in wound care and am on the Wound care team at LRMC. I also Treat trauma and reconstructive surgery.

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